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Hamilton Ontario Canada

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Other information:

Past RPG Publications:

Role Master Classic

A fun project bringing back new life to a classic RPG with a great group of contributors and editors.  It was a great environment to learn about game design.  I have fond memories of the folks at Iron Crown and wish them well in their new edition.

2006 Character Law - manuscript enhancements
2007 Spell Law -manuscript enhancements, original new material
2007 Arms Law -manuscript enhancements, original new material
2007 Creatures and Treasures - manuscript enhancements, original new material
2007 Rolemaster Express - manuscript enhancements, original new material, starting adventure

 Guild Companion Publications

2006 Friends and Rivals - Contributing author
2006 The Guild Adventurer - Issue 1 - The Flying Toadstool
2007 The Guild Adventurer - Issue 2 - Valori's Rest

 Community Contributions

Not every project is a commercially viable one, but one often puts them out anyway as a contribution to the community.  In addition to a number of articles, character creation spreadsheets, virtual table top support files, and other small projects.  I created a trilogy of adventure modules in the Cyradon setting for HARP that have had a fairly healthy download history.

Community contributions can lead to paid work and are just a lot of fun.


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