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Roll 20 is an on-line virtual table top that includes support for NUD10.  It has character sheets, tokens, voice and video chat, virtual 3D dice with a decent randomization scheme, and a lot of other goodies to boot. We have done much of our play testing on Roll20 web based virtual table top over the years. You can now use the NUD10 Character sheets in any Roll 20 game by selecting Campaign Settings and then the Narratives Unlimited D10 character sheet template.

Change log:

  • June update brings fixes and expanded sheet now upstream and working it's way to the main servers.
  • May update is now live.
  • As always, you can see any changes here first.  

 Source Code:

All our Roll 20 character sheet code is open source licensed.  Support has now been merged in the GitHub repository for the code curious.

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