The final round of internal playtesting commences

While most of NUD10 is exceptionally well playtested (a few years of play) the futuristic rules have yet to have a solid play through.  Much of the changes you will see in the next few point releases are going to be the result of feedback from this last set of internal play through.

Once this play through is done and we have a rock solid core rule set, the last round of polish begins.  I look forward to the 0.9x series since this is where the grammatical errors that have made it through thus far get quashed, any obscure text gets expanded upon or replaced, and we take a firm look at adding more and better examples and explanation to make it easier for new comers to the game.

Recently, looking at the download logs, the early beta has seen downloads from Canada, the US, Europe, and even Australia.  I hope the recent down-loaders enjoy the material and join the forums to ask clarification questions or provide their playtest feedback, both positive and negative.  Feedback has made this system so much better thus far and it is encouraged.   At any rate thank you for taking an early look at something we hope will one day be a great community based RPG.

With that in mind 0.885 is one of many minor releases to expect in the next few months.

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