Recent News - Computer Failures and Ongoing play testing..

There have been no updates for some time now, not because the project has died, but due to a range of technical and development issues.  First off, the work on another release is ongoing.  I have incorporated changes from the latest round of play testing and some contributions from the forums into the working version.  The biggest hurdle to getting to 0.9x is the huge number of example NPCs yet to create, so if you would like to help out please check out the thread on the forum.

Futuristic play testing is going well, and requiring far fewer changes than other rounds of play testing.  Most of the mechanics of the system have already been put through the paces.  The play test campaign still has to work through a few aspects, mainly vehicular and space travel based.  AI and mechanical implants appear to work well, weapons are working as intended.  The biggest difference in this round is the software and technical advantages to skills making rolls of 30 fairly frequent occurrences.  By scaling opponents and challenges this appears to be working fairly well. The scale of things in a future campaign is something to behold.

The working version update may include spoilers for the play testing group on the futuristic campaign, so I will be a little tardy posting that.

The Precipitate Demiurge is coming along nicely and once we have completed the play through we should have enough material to begin rough copies of another campaign guide.  There are infrequent posts on that forum thread if you want to know more.

On the horizon, Alex is working on a historical pirate campaign that is looking exciting and will expand the source material for the book of things.  He is working on more in-depth age of sail navigation for that campaign as well.

P.S. The computer failures hinted at in the title were not addressed I realized upon rereading.  In short hard drive failure led to a stressful data recovery which for the NUD10 data files appears to have worked perfectly.  Time and money were lost, but not the project.  I may reconsider the backup routine and create a github or SVN repository for the project to avoid this in future.

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