Futuristic Play Through and Entropila Chapter II

The futuristic "Percipitate Demiurge"  campaign has had it's first play through and as with most campaigns after the core mechanic was finalized has brought about very few revisions.  I will begin incorporating things into the next release of NUD10 that would have been spoilers for the play testers.  The space ship combat may need slightly more tweaking especially for those who are not well schooled in orbital mechanics, it works and did provide good flavour, but I may take a balancing pass at a few of the space ship weapons and possibly add a blurb about ships that are dead in space.  The rough system for corporate acquisitions I used in the campaign may get documented in equipment if I can generalize it to multiple time periods.

Entropila Chapter II is in the works, it focuses on events in Mid Fora after the events of the original campaign guide.  I have quite a few ideas for an adjunct guide for The Wilds which would not be considered part of the main campaign, these will not make it into a Chapter II release.  The first campaign guide still needs an editing pass, a few NPCs and a few more map updates.  The main Windshorn area map is already updated.



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