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In between running a play test of the second chapter of Entropila, I have been working on the final typesetting of the core NUD10 book.  So far it looks good, if a little Spartan, I have no budget for art.  Almost a full decade of university will do that to you.  Once the initial typeset is finished, I will work like a beaver to add in the last creature descriptions and the long awaited, many times started, and never finished example combat section (I have hours of audio logs from game play and pages of notes).  


The last two multi-month play test sessions have failed to change anything significant in the rules.  So once this is done I will be moving to public beta and looking at outlets like Onebookshelf and other POD services so that you can get hard copies.  Nothing beats a physical book at the table, so I may make a beta Print on Demand version (pre most artwork) available at a reasonable cost, it will be soft-cover to keep your costs down.  Any money raised will go towards art purchases for the final release, and I will attempt to set up a discount coupon of sorts for those who buy a beta version.  I won't turn on the switch to have the book purchasable as a print version until I get and examine a proof copy.  

As of the time I write this I am 6 chapters in to this long strange adventure in typesetting.  I am using the venerable Latex system which has made a few things more difficult and a lot of things easier.  The text is very, very readable, the layout largely matches the previous Libre-Office version, same fonts and page layouts, but some elements like the corner marks just don't work well in grey-scale.  I will have at the end of this a stupendous ready to go Latex style template for all future projects making the process of the next work so very much easier.  It has however been days and days of chasing code errors (2000 quashed so far) and finding all the little glitches in formatting that creep into a long WYSIWYG project.  There were 5000 of these (mostly hidden formatting glitches).  It had become so bad that the Libre Office master document was painful to compile into a PDF.  By taking it into Latex, I was able to see behind the WYSIWYG and correct them.  I hope you like the forthcoming version as much as I do and remember, until we have artwork and a final release keep those proofreading and other suggestions coming.


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