Website Interruption, RPG Now, and other Updates

First off, sorry for the interruption in the website.  Our payment is due every six months and this year that came in a tight two weeks.  I notified that web site hosting site that the bill due on the 2nd of the month would be paid on the 15th, they cut off the service after three days. Now while it is the hosting sites right to do this, it has somewhat soured our opinion of the hosting service and after this next six month period is up we will be giving serious consideration to another provider.  That being said I accept responsibility for the interruption, I had two weeks with more bills than I could pay on time.

Our books are now available on RPG Now, they are doing better there than they were here, more exposure equates to more downloads.  Proofreading and editing is well under way and you will notice a considerable difference with the 0.90c and later releases.  Proofreading feedback is always welcome and can be submitted on the forum.

We have moved the books to a typesetting language called Latex which allows us to produce printer ready PDFs for POD which will become available once proofreading and editing are complete.  We have secured ISBN numbers for both Entropila and Narratives Unlimited D10 Public Beta.  When editing is complete, but before final artwork we will offer public beta print on demand books through RPG Now.  This will be an opportunity to support the project and help us pay for final artwork.

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