NUD10 Release Roadmap

Public Beta

The public beta will encourage everyone to download, and to share the game with friends and acquaintances   In a multi-genre game like this, there are always things that can use some tweaking.  We hope to get as many people as possible playing through and finding tweaks for the system.

0.90 - 0.99 Feedback updates and artwork as it comes in


1.0  First edition - Print on Demand will be made available


Previous Releases Semi Closed Beta

The semi closed beta stage we are now in simply requires you to register at the web site and encourages you to post feedback to the forums.  We have had an active team of play testers working through a series of adventures for over a year, and the rules have progressed greatly as a result.

0.8 Genre Completion - all three generic toolkits in at least rough draft finished

0.85 Feature freeze - layout and major content additions will be frozen

0.87 Early Access Release - For the brave and generous of spirit willing to spend time with a mostly finished product that is still in need of some polish.

0.89 Edited release - we hope to have basic editing of all chapters and play test feedback incorporated this will begin the proofreading and wide beta phase

Additional information