Character Generator Spreadsheet

Update: 0.85rc4 now available... Significant updates to this Character generator are now in progress... read the blog for more details.

Generate finished characters in just minutes.  Spend more time working on your character concept and less time on buying skills and equipment.  The character generator spreadsheet is programmed in LibreOffice basic using the free to download LibreOffice suite.   This character generation spreadsheet is free to all NUD10 players and supported on Windows, Mac, and Linx through LibreOffice.

The spreadsheet walks you through the steps of character creation and does all the heavy lifting in terms of keeping track of things and doing calculations. It reduces your time with mechanics and gives you more time to make decisions about who you want your character to be, and how they fit into the story.


This Spreadsheet Features:

  • Up to date rules
  • All species
  • All published training packages and bundles
  • Equipment outfitting and management
  • PDF, text, and Klooge Works export
  • Storytellrs can customize for their settings

It is released under the Creative Commons Non-Comercial Attribution licence.


Character Generator Spreadsheet 0.85rc4

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Patches added for older Libre/OpenOffice versions... generic modern campaigns.

This update brings the sheet closer to full function and almost on par with the 0.86 release.

Wednesday, 04 July 2012 17:07
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