Narratives Unlimited D10 (Public Beta)

Updated:0.90c release.

The Narratives Unlimited D10 (NUD10) core rule book gives you everything you need to create and play an unlimited number of stories.  This novel role playing game system  puts the power in your hands to create the types of stories and characters you want to play.

Say goodbye to levels, xp, classes, and restrictions.  You can create the characters you want now, not after 6 months of play.  With a strong emphasis on character and narrative development you can play robust and compelling stories like never before.

  This book includes:

  • Detailed and Quick Character creation
  • Adventuring
  • Quick and Deadly combat
  • Fantasy, Historical, Modern, and Science Fiction genres included
  • Magic and Psi
  • Vehicles and Mounts
  • Dozens of Playable Species
  • Scores of Common Creatures
  • AI and cybernetics
  • Extensive Equipment Lists
  • Storyteller's Guide

Narratives Unlimited D10 0.90c HOT

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This is the current version of the RPG, it will is now in the editing phase and  the core mechanic is well play tested.

Wednesday, 04 July 2012 17:04
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