Entropila Campaign Guide

Updated: 0.93c A Public Play Test version of the Campaign Guide. 

The campaign guide contains everything you need to run a full campaign in the gritty fantasy world currently known as Entropila.  

The campaign begins on the fringe of civilization on the very verge of the wild.  Your character is a average subject in the barony of Windshorn, a settlement in the only major mountain pass into South Fora.  The wild lands beyond contain savage species, legends and many dangers.  The Baron's call for enslaving the savages has made the town prosperous, a boom town in the midst of a blood rush.  

The Players Guide Contains:

  • Backgrounds
  • Sample Characters
  • New Equipment
  • Customized rules for the campaign
  • Local knowledge
  • Storytellers Guide
  • Backstory and themes
  • Campaign Seeds
  • Aditional firearm customization
  • Episode 0 an introductory adventure

This product requires the Narratives Unlimited D10 core rule book in order to play.


Entropila Campaign Guide 0.93c

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