If there was a bright centre to the Planet Entropila, Windshorn would be the place that is farthest from it. A backwater and remote place at the utmost fringe of civilization. The Barony of Windshorn was founded by a band of half starved, half mad, refugees of a great calamity. Things have not much improved. What news of the greater world that does reach this godforsaken place is anything buencouraging.

Nestled between nearly shear cliffs at the end of the only major mountain pass into the Wild of South Fora, an ancient keep and modern battlements are subsumed with the ramshackle and haphazard town that has grown in their protection. Cannons and muskets watchthe south with vigilance, the savage races live there.

Skills and resources are in very short supply and hoarded by those who have them. The plight of the commoner is grim, but he or she can revel in the thought that at least they are not slaves. Slaves take comfort in knowing that their lives of misery and woe will not be long ones.

The classes know their place, the Barron is in his stronghold. The Prelate holds the people's souls for judgement by the Oneoverall. The slave pits do brisk business in beer and gambling, the crowds howl louder than the fallen slaves. Merchants ply their fine wares and the gutters are strewn with garbage, wastes, and the downtrodden.

Windshorn feels strong, the Wild is just beyond her border and the Barron's Bloodrush has brought new found wealth to the area. Slave carts and pens are everywhere, trade is brisk and there is much profit. There are slaves and booty for the taking, a rumbling of drums and a sense of opportunity on the wind. Will you be up to the challenges?

Only time will tell.



Entropila Campaign Guide

Updated: 0.93c A Public Play Test version of the Campaign Guide. 

The campaign guide contains everything you need to run a full campaign in the gritty fantasy world currently known as Entropila.  

The campaign begins on the fringe of civilization on the very verge of the wild.  Your character is a average subject in the barony of Windshorn, a settlement in the only major mountain pass into South Fora.  The wild lands beyond contain savage species, legends and many dangers.  The Baron's call for enslaving the savages has made the town prosperous, a boom town in the midst of a blood rush.  

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