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Thoughts from the developer, well those that are fit to print and about the process of developing an ambitious pen and paper RPG in the computer age. Whining and complaining will be kept to the minimum required for sanity.  If you are looking for updates on the work in progress, This is the place to find it.  These blog posts are done most often very late at night after a hard day of graduate studies, parenting, spousal obligations, and then frenzied work on NUD10 itself.  If you are looking for profound and insightful literary commentary... well good luck with that. - AM

Entropila Internal Play Test Finishes

After half a year of internal play testing, the Entropila Campaign Guide is ready for wider play testing.  I have incorporated quite a few changes, especially to the storytellers section.  The maps and some of the artwork will be updated and replaced before the 1.0 release.  


Character Generator Spreadsheet gets some attention

So this week amidst a very troubling bout of instrumentation failure in my laboratory (day job)...  I had some down time.  


0.87 and beyond

In the short term the focus is to incorporate playtest feedback and work on the mammoth task of completing stat blocks for the species and constructs chapter.  


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