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Thoughts from the developer, well those that are fit to print and about the process of developing an ambitious pen and paper RPG in the computer age. Whining and complaining will be kept to the minimum required for sanity.  If you are looking for updates on the work in progress, This is the place to find it.  These blog posts are done most often very late at night after a hard day of graduate studies, parenting, spousal obligations, and then frenzied work on NUD10 itself.  If you are looking for profound and insightful literary commentary... well good luck with that. - AM

A change in venue

The international headquarters of NUD10 has moved to Hamilton Ontario.  It was a treacherous 3600 km move through desolate backwater Canadian roads.  Ice storms, blizzards, and a collision with a semi could not deter us.  We hope to be back online and active in a few days.

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Tolkein

This is a very uncharacteristic off topic post, usually i am not moved to use my blog for anything beyond discussing the matter at hand, but i have just spent the better part of three hours in a purgatorial experience for which this is my only release.  I am a very long time fan of Tollkein's works, while not the most ardent or immersed of fans, i have read the collective works at least once, the main four books many times.  Tolkein's son despised the Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies and is quoted as saying:

"They eviscerated the book by making it an action movie for young people aged 15 to 25,...And it seems that The Hobbit will be the same kind of film."


0.872 A minor release

While there is nothing earth shattering in this point release, it contains numerous minor changes and a number of stat blocks for NPCs in Species and Constructs.  The stat blocks are not required to run the game, but are a nice added bonus for storytellers who need an NPC in a hurry.  The next batches of NPCs in the works are Futuristic Species and Infernal Machines, though I don't know when that batch will be ready for release.

My earliest play testers will find some familiar faces amongst the NPC crowd.  Preparations for the last big internal playtest continue where we hope to give the Futuristic genre elements a solid shakedown.

0.87 for review and consideration...

Yet another late night posting brining news of a point release.  This version did not get all the stat blocks done that I was hoping for.  Adjusting sizes and creating robotic characters took a lot more time than i thought.  But for the brave early adopters there is a lot to like about what this point release does.


Entropila Update

Now that the playtest is done, I am trying to get the campaign guide put to bed, a surprisingly long process.  This is a $0 project, it is not, nor will it likely ever be a commercial setting, so I have to work with free images and contributions, including my own artwork (for which I do appologise).


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