14 Nov

If you are of the opinion that all smart phone apps are basically for entertainment or entertainment based then you are surely wronged. This all new application by Apple is sure an intelligent advisor. For all the lawyers who keep running off time between meetings and cases, these iphone apps are made to assist the lawyers and help manage their busy professional life so that they could take some time for themselves.

The most downloaded and used iphone apps for lawyers can be enlisted as below:

  • BARBARI App: – this application suits both the lawyers as well as law students. The app helps you to search its enormous database for any case or reference with particulars similar to that case you are handling and take down important notes saving a lot of time from searching them through law books or journals. Also featuring is BARBRI challenge very useful for law students to help you prepare the subject matter.
  • Court days app: – For all those big lawyers who shuffle between dates for meetings and court cases and find it hard to remember all dates while they deal between two or more jurisdiction. This application is like a virtual diary in which you can feed all your important dates while it will constantly keep reminding you of all events with a timer for the event.
  • Wikipanion app: – The all new app that links you directly to the Wikipedia where in you can do all the all minute references for case or specific agreement or terms. This is a very useful application for both professionals as well as common man.
  • Black’s Law dictionary app: – At times even the big guys of law can face difficulties. This application is designed keeping in mind such situation where even very good lawyers need help with the word. There for with a massive database of more than 43000 definitions, case laws, and quotes this app is sure to be the best last resort in case of crisis for you in court room.

Make you iphone your best gadget and friend by installing these iphone apps and turning the table for yourself.